Friday, 2 December 2016

Oldschool Orks: Mad boyz

Mad boyz are a classic unit from Space Marine and early 40k that have disappeared since the 4th edition codex - so like my Snakebite Boarboyz, I had to have some.
2nd Edition Orks - Madboyz group - Front
These guys are a motley unit, about 2 points cheaper than the average Boy (10 points vs 12 for all other clans) but at the cost of the Mad! special rule.

2nd Edition Orks - Madboyz group - Back
GW loves them some random tables when it comes to the Orks. In 7th Edition, there is the Mob Rule table for when a unit fails a morale check. In 2nd Ed, you roll on the Madboy Chart at the start of the game to determine the Madboyz particular strangeness, with a 1 in 6 chance of it changing on a subsequent round.
2nd Edition Orks - Bloodaxe Madboy 1 - Front
The Madboyz can have Fear!, Stupidity!, Hatred!, Frenzy!, Immune to Psychology! and Crazy! (the exclamation marks are part of the Boyz' psychological manifestation of course). Crazy is obviously the best, as it includes immunity to psychology and one stat gets increased by 1.
2nd Edition Orks - Bloodaxe Madboy 1 - Back
I couldn't find any good examples of Madboyz paint jobs on the interwebs, so I decided to just go with a rather standard scheme for the clan that each model represented.
2nd Edition Orks - Bloodaxe Madboy 2 - Front
My unit has a mix of a Goff, an Evil Sun, a Snakebite and two Bloodaxes - I really like this mix as it shows that no clan is immune to madness (although I guess I need a Bad Moon figure to make that claim).
2nd Edition Orks - Bloodaxe Madboy 2 - Back
I attempted to freehand silly versions of the various clans back-plate glyphs. Some work. Some are a bit ... primary school. Whatevs!
2nd Edition Orks - Evil Sun Madboy - Front
My favourite is the skull holding Evil Sun - you can tell he is taking his battlefield orders from his friend Yorrik!
2nd Edition Orks - Evil Sun Madboy - Back
I mainly got these guys after reading the Ork Waagh! Powers section of Dark Millenium. Madboyz benefit from a Warpheadz' leadership (a huge 8), and the Madboyz in turn will supercharge the Waaagh! power of a weirdboy allowing them to draw one extra warp card but making it more likely they will overload on the Waaagh! and have to roll on yet another random table the 'Eadbangerz Table.
2nd Edition Orks - Snakebite Madboy - Front
Here the risks range from forced discarding of a warp card to the weirdboyz' 'ead exploding (whoops!). Should be fun.
2nd Edition Orks - Snakebite Madboy - Back
The last madboy, from the Goff clan shows the effect of mixing modern Ork arms (with all the muscly bits) with oldschool figures.
2nd Edition Orks - Goff Madboy - Front
Is this guy twisted over because he's mad (maaaad!) or because his arm is so overpowered his torso can't support the weight anymore?
2nd Edition Orks - Goff Madboy - Back
Next week will either be a battle report (in which my Adeptus Custodes got completely pantsed by the First Curse) or some 30k space wolves. Or maybe both?

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