Saturday, 31 January 2015

Terrain test piece - Ruined Barricades.

Despite completely failing in our goal to play 1 game a month, my fearless and cunning opponent and I have actually been making some hobby progress.

After the last Ork vs Flesh Tearers game, we decided we needed more terrain on the board, particularly LOS blocking terrain. We held a late night terrain building session about 2 Fridays ago, and managed to avoid cutting off fingers, asphyxiating ourselves on fumes or setting anything on fire. Flawless victory.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Wraithbone bases arrive from Poland

A small package of nerdiness arrived around lunchtime today - the Microart wraithbone bases for my friend's Scorpions (and perhaps one or two other eldar?).
I placed the order just after Christmas, so that's about 3 weeks via the cheapest shipping method from Poland so I'm pretty happy with that turn around.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

WIP: Imperial Knight right arm magnetised

I was given a free morning by my lovely wife who took my daughter out to visit a friend, so I chose to spend my few hours of freedom being very mature and responsible and playing with toy soldiers!
WIP Imperial Knight poses with his Thermal Cannon
I want to be able to field my Knight with either the thermal cannon or battle cannon, as I'm only ever going to be buying/painting one of these babies - so playing with magnets it is!

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Battle Rep: 1500 point Ork Kan Wall vs Flesh Tearers (new BA codex)

In the last week of 2014 my regular opponent of awesomeness managed to catch up for an actual game of 40k.

He was taking the new Blood Angels codex out for a spin by updating his Flesh Tearers' 5th Ed Descent of Angels list (changes mainly involving swapping out the Reclusiarch for Astorath, replacing his Devestators and Whirlwind for a squad of Scouts and a Vindicare Assassin).
Kan Wall center - all the bots!
Having finally completed my Morkanaut, my Kan Wall was finally hitting the table about 6 months after the new Ork Codex was released.