Saturday, 27 September 2014

Battle Rep: 3-sides Kill Team

My usual cunning opponent and I were joined for a game of Kill Team last month by our friend who had recently discovered his old eldar at the bottom of a pile of boxes and wanted a game. Sadly he left most at home except for his Striking Scorpions, and his list was fleshed out with some Rangers.

I brought my Orks and my cunning opponent put together an awesome looking Inquisitorial warband using some Necromunda and cultist figs.

Lots of text and pics behind the cut.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Mekboy painted!

I have been feeling very unmotivated about painting the Gorkanaut for some reason - I suspect it is that very few people on the interwebs seem to have much time for them, and orky walkers in general in the current 7th edition and codex. Which is a shame, as they look fantastic.

It could also be that the model was a pain to assemble, and the amount of detail to be painted is looking a little discouraging.


In an attempt to get my painting mojo back I have finished my new mekboy using the new model released with the codex.
40k ork mekboy closeup