Friday, 16 December 2016

Oldschool Orks: Kommandos

Nothing says camouflage like wearing bright red jump suits, but this is the Grimdark where things are a little different...

Allegedly selected for their ferocity, intelligence and initiative, the Kommandos are the Blood Axe elite (although the concept of intelligence I assume is a relative thing).
The Kommandos bring the ability to Infiltrate during deployment, and the ability to upgrade to a Power Axe for 6 points per boy which is especially nifty against those power armoured beakies.
They also have a WS and BS of 4, compared to the average Boy having WS3 BS3, with the Kaptin having WS5 BS5. This makes the power axe upgrade worthwhile so you can use that boost in WS.
I chose the classic red camoflage scheme as that's how you mostly saw these guys in White Dwarf in the late 90's.
Overall it was a pretty simple paint - I love the equipment belts they all wear, particularly their nifty swiss army knives.


  1. Well red is faster, so maybe the commandos just move so quickly you don't have time to respond to their infiltration :). They look great. Those old school orks can be a pain to paint!

    1. The lack of wheelz caused me to forget that critical Orky rule - of _course_ red is better!

      Thanks for stopping by, you've been quiet on your blog recently - congrats on your wedding btw!!

    2. Thanks! Ya I kinda of hit a hobby recharge after the wedding. Have so many projects, just been playing video games lately :)