Friday, 9 September 2016

Cunning plan: Oldhammer 40k 2nd Ed

Over the last year and a half I've been slowly working on a 2nd edition scheme with my cunning opponent.
As much as I enjoyed painting and playing my Imperial Knight, and my flyer, as 7th Ed evolves and rumours of 8th Ed float around I find myself more and more drawn to the 40k of the mid 90's. 

So I've been lurking on ebay and grabbing the makings of a Space Wolf and an Ork 2nd ed army. The pics here are missing some of the painted units - some boarboyz, a weird boy, a shokk attack gun with snotlings and a buggy.
Barely knowing anything about the rules, I'm wanting an army like the old school battle reports in the White Dwarfs I used to read in high school - so Gazkhull, a couple mobs of boys, a shokk attack gun, a small cult of speed element, and individual units of things like kommandos and stormboyz for colour, maybe a dreadnought.
The plan is to reuse existing models for as much as I can - I'd love to field all original minis but the price tag would be insane. I'm mostly there, although trying to get some heavy weapons boys is harder than I thought - the ability for individual boyz in a mob to take lascannons, plasma guns, meltas etc is awesome but not something I have easily in my 5th Ed Kanwall army.
Far less trouble for a 2nd Ed SW army as I had alot of the mini's, although I'm hunting down an iron priest and original Njal. But for an initial 1000 points army I can live without either.
The 2nd Ed boxed set and Dark Millenium are OK for my needs - the boxed set is missing alot of the minis, but has all the counters, templates and unit cards I need as well as a bunch of the cardboard ruins that will have to make it onto the battle field. The Dark Millenium is 98% complete, missing only 2 Eldar cards. After reading through the psyker rules I had to include a weirdboy and madboyz into my Ork army for some crazy random fun.
 In a fit of enthusiasm I did paint up two of the plastic marines as grey hunters.
I'm pretty happy with the result (although my freehand pack marking could be cleaner) - whilst the detail is not as good as more modern figs, again its good enough for my needs.
My regular opponent is a long time Squat player, and is putting the finishing touches on Tyranids. Our plan is to try a 1000 points 2nd ed game later this month to test out this crazy ruleset - I need to finish a squad of mad boyz and my orks are ready for a tryout. I'm expecting a battle between two close combat armies to be messy, and genestealers look terrifying in 2nd ed, so should be hilarious (and short!).


  1. I might be able to help you out with Ork heavy weapons. I have a batch of second edition Orks which I'm slowly whittling down, and it happens to include a selection of lascannons, heavy stubbers, multimeltas and autocannons. What are you after?

  2. Hi Von - I remember your post from way back when you first got your oldschool Orks. How are they progessing, and have they seen the battlefield?

    In terms of heavy weapons, I'm trying to source a lascannon, a multimelta, a heavy stubber, and another heavy plasma gun (although you didn't mention that one). Can you spare any of those?

    Thanks heaps for the mention in the recent HOP-X, that was pretty awesome :)