Saturday, 17 January 2015

WIP: Imperial Knight right arm magnetised

I was given a free morning by my lovely wife who took my daughter out to visit a friend, so I chose to spend my few hours of freedom being very mature and responsible and playing with toy soldiers!
WIP Imperial Knight poses with his Thermal Cannon
I want to be able to field my Knight with either the thermal cannon or battle cannon, as I'm only ever going to be buying/painting one of these babies - so playing with magnets it is!

I had ordered some 3mm x 1mm magnets before Christmas, and they had arrived so it was time to have a go using this very handy tutorial at The Independent Characters. I would have had no idea where to even start, so this was pretty detailed.
WIP Imperial Knight - all the magnetised bits
As a note: read the entire thing, and always have about 2 steps ahead of where you are fresh in your memory.

I nearly botched it completely, and ended up having to pry off the thermal cannon fuel tank on the side, as well as splitting the arm off completely as for some reason it was not obvious to me that the bit #17 went inside the arm halves.
WIP Imperial Knight - nekkid right arm!
So - the nekkid arm looks pretty scrappy - I need to try and file a bit more of this off but its pretty fiddly.
WIP Imperial Knight - thermal cannon
It looks a bit better when the weapon options are attached, as the bits hide some of the horror I inflicted on this beautiful model.
WIP Imperial Knight - battle cannon
I like the battle cannon result better, although I suspect I will mostly be fielding the thermal cannon - I'll have to test both out on those pesky Squats or Flesh Tearers!
WIP Imperial Knight - stubber and ammo hppper
I ended up adding a few more magnets, as the battle cannon ammo hopper wasn't sitting flush with the arm, as well as the battle cannon itself would pop off pretty easily. So about 14 magnets in total.

While I was there I popped the shoulder pads of the sprue and was able to place them on for a look-see - so far the torso is still not fixed to the legs, and each arm is still free to move so I haven't settled on a final pose.
WIP Imperial Knight - shoulders!!!!
Which means I need to seriously look at my plan for the base and then its undercoat time.

OMG - if I can finish this before end of March it will only have been a year between purchase and completion!

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