Wednesday, 18 February 2015

WIP - Imperial Knight based and paint applied

The Imperial Knight reached a big milestone this weekend, in that it was actually based and then undercoated black.

Nekkid Knight. The plan is to undercoat the plates white so the yellow in the heraldry (House Hawkshroud) is a bit easier to paint. That's the theory anyway.

There is even some actual coloured paint on the Knight - I've put a coat of The Fang onto the barricades and rocks on the base.

I'm looking forward to the painting - my goal is to finish him before the end of March as I think I bought this in ..... March? April? It was a couple of weeks after release, long enough to miss out on the limited edition decal sheet (why GW, why?!!).
6 more weeks of painting - I'll try to take more WIP pics as I go.

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