Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Striking Scorpions done

The wraithbone bases were the final ingredient, and I'm declaring the Striking Scorpions done.
These guys were a lot of fun to paint after 6 years of shadow-grey power armour and green skin. For me, the 1990 Jes Goodwin sculpts (prototypes shown in WD125 May 1990 - coincidentally the same WD issue announcing the GW Design Studio was joined by a scruffy Andy Chambers) are full of character.

The Microart bases were easy to work with, although I did pause for a minute or two before bringing myself to cut into the Scorpions' tabs in order to attach the resin base - those tabs had been there almost 25 years! (perhaps a little less, but you know what I mean).
Its going to be hard to hand these back to their owner (although I suspect I will be taking custody of some ancient Dire Avengers, or Swooping Hawks or Fire Dragons in need of some TLC). *sniff*

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