Saturday, 7 March 2015

Blast from past - my Blood Bowl team from 90's

Work has been pretty intense the last month, so hobbying has been slow (although there has been some progress on the Imperial Knight).

Last weekend while decluttering my man-cave I unearthed my 2nd edition Blood Bowl - trip back in time both in terms of very silly & fun rules as well as some pretty awful teenage painting skills.
 Bloodbowl 2nd ed Underdark Dynamos team pose
While I continue on slowly painting the Knight, here for your entertainment are some fine 90's minis that deserved better.

Bloodbowl 2nd ed Underdark Dynamos just the dark elves
My team was half Dark Elves and half Orcs - the 2nd ed animosity rules were pretty loose - from memory it was a 50% chance of not passing to a team member from a race you suffered Animosity torwards. I remember thinking at the time, "What a loophole - why would I bother passing to the Orks? They're for hitting people...." Clearly my teenage self was in to minmaxxing.
Bloodbowl 2nd ed Underdark Dynamos dark elf thrower
At this stage, I had not heard of undercoating with spray (of any colour). So paint was slapped onto bare metal.
Bloodbowl 2nd ed Underdark Dynamos ork blockers
All paints were acrylics bought from the airplane modelling section in the toystore in the local shopping mall - the actual gaming stores were hours away by bus or a frustrating explanation to my parents as to where my pocket money was going.
Bloodbowl 2nd ed Underdark Dynamos ork linemen
I have fond memories of these guys thumping humans, dwarfs, elves, skaven and being regularly thumped by the Chaos All Stars (curse them).
Bloodbowl 2nd ed Underdark Dynamos numba wan fan
Next weekend I'll try to post some pics of my team of Ogres, goblins and snotlings - the Grotland Snotboyz who counted victory not by touchdowns but by injuries caused by a high-speed snotling to the face.

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