Friday, 5 August 2016

First post for 2016! Hawkshroud Skitarri Vanguard

Despite a complete lack of posting this year, I've been making a fair amount of progress, so I have several posts queued up to catch up.

First cab off the rank are my Skitarri Vanguard - I loved Dan Abnett's Titanicus novel, and although the Skitarri of the book don't really resemble the Codex Skitarri that popped out last year, I still wanted some for my Imperial Knight Accipiter Ferox.
When a Hawkshroud Knight treads the path of the Oathbound Knight it is an honorable thing, and so they go with household support troops, enginseers and servitors.
Given this is for fluff reasons rather than uber-list-making, I wanted to keep the cost low (both $$ and points) and thanks to the Skitarri Maniple detachment, all I need are 2 units of Skitarri troops. And 1 box of Skitarri gives me 1 MSU unit of Vanguard and 1 of Rangers.
I went with the Hawkshroud heraldry, and used the default skitarri and left over IK decals to make a Hawkshroud device - the hawk's head surrounded by the cog of mars.
The alpha's left arm is magnetised so I can swap between power sword and taser goad.
And now I look at the photos, I realise one of the vanguard's hands has come loose after transporting him. Boo.

Next week - Rangers.

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