Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Battle Report - first game of 7th Ed: 1500 pts new SW codex vs Squats (IG + IK allies) - Pic Heavy!

So my regular opponent of awesome and I finally managed to sync up for a game of 40k using 7th Ed rules and the shiny new Space Wolf codex I had obtained the previous week.

And it was awesome!

My Space Wolves and the Squats of Clan Kincaid have been duelling for several years over possession of an alleged artefact linked to Russ himself, although the Squats refuse to part with the device until the Wolves pay for Russ's bar tab (with interest).

And this time, the Squats obtained an abandoned mining robot housing the mortally wounded remnants of the last member of the Golgothan Resistance to help the remnants of the clan fend off the ravening force of Wolves.

Meanwhile, I tried out using a named character - Harald Deathwolf. With the previous codex, the named IC's were all so so expensive, but Harald is quite reasonably priced for what you get.

On to the detail of the game - lots of text and pictures after the break.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

WIP Morkanaut assembled

After about five 1 hour sessions of cleaning up and gluing this big boy is ready for a coat of chaos black.
WIP morkanaut assembled 1

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

WIP: Painboy almost done

This guy is nearing completion - mostly final highlighting and finishing off the base.
WIP ork painboy - front

Friday, 8 August 2014

Arooooooooo! the Wolf Time is here

Through cunning, determination, and plain old wandering into the FLGS the shiny new Space Wolf codex is mine!
new space wolf codex is mine

I'm poring through it trying to get my head around what to do with it - I think I want to be doing something a bit different to my old rune priest + grey hunters in rhinos + long fangs. Thunderwolves are cheaper, my rune priest might stay around thanks to the point drop. I will probably pick up in a Stormfang in several months as it seems the perfect counter for an Imperial Knight or a Leman Russ squadron. No rush.

For the moment I'm thinking drop pods and thunderwolves. Arroooo!

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

WIP: Painboy assembled and ready for some chaos black

Just a quick one - have the new Painboy model assembled and based and ready for undercoating when the weather clears.
40k WIP ork painboy assembled

Initially I picked this guy up as something fun to paint (all the vials etc) but after an interesting kill team game the other week I am really thinking I need this guy in the unit with the Warboss to give him a hope of surviving long enough to swing his unwieldy power klaw. I'm too used to 3+ wolves!

Might start assembling the Morkanaut while waiting for a well timed break in the rain and cold.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Ork Nobz painted

I finished the 3 Nobz this week, and managed to complete 2 more in a fit of enthusiasm - really enjoying the break from painting power armour (although the recent releases are getting me excited - must finish orks asap to clear room for wolves!).

Most of these are AoBR minis that have been lurking around for 4-5'ish years, with boss poles added, except for the big choppa nob, and one nob using the bits from the boyz box..

40k ork nobz group x 3
nobz (group of 3)