Saturday, 31 January 2015

Terrain test piece - Ruined Barricades.

Despite completely failing in our goal to play 1 game a month, my fearless and cunning opponent and I have actually been making some hobby progress.

After the last Ork vs Flesh Tearers game, we decided we needed more terrain on the board, particularly LOS blocking terrain. We held a late night terrain building session about 2 Fridays ago, and managed to avoid cutting off fingers, asphyxiating ourselves on fumes or setting anything on fire. Flawless victory.

My contribution to the terrain was 4 Microart ruined barricades. I managed to base and undercoat on the evening, and have been working on one over the last week. We had decided that a grey rubble base fit in best with our battle mats, so the trick was how to make the grey barricade stand out from the grey base.
I base coated the barricade itself with The Fang, and the base with a cheapy craft paint from the local hardware that approximates Scorched Brown.

Then it was simply dry brushing multiple layers of increasingly lighter grey - again using a mix of black and white cheapy craft paint.
Then in a fit of enthusiasm I used the weathering powders to add some colour to the base itself, and some rust on the exposed bits or iron exposed by the damage. Add some tufts to the base, lightly spray with matt sealant to protect the powders and I'm really pleased with the result.

Now to replicate the result on the remaining 3 barricades.

Next challenge: actually playing a game!

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