Saturday, 6 December 2014

WIP Roboto a Roboto Fight!

Some slow progress this week.
40K WIP ork morkanaut ready for pigments 1
The Morkanaut continues and is at a point where normally I would finish the OSL and call it done, but I'm keen to break out the weathering pigments and see how that works.

40K WIP ork morkanaut ready for pigments 2
All research on teh interwebs so far (this video is probably the best I've found) indicates that you want to seal the miniature first before using the pigments to protect against the thinner (rubbing alcohol) and then use only a very final dusting of matte varnish at the end to fix the pigments.

Cue Melbourne's weather turning wet, so no spraying Testors Dullcote outside in case the colder ambient temperature does horrible things and results in frosting.

So. I wait. To distract myself I finally turned back to the Imperial Knight and did some more construction: I now have the torso, head and left arm done.

I want to be able to field the Knight as either a Paladin or Errant, which means magnetising stuff: this link here shows an awesome step by step with pictures that I will use, but I can't until I order some more magnets.

But here we are so far:
40k WIP imperial knight construction - front
40k WIP imperial knight construction - left side
40k WIP imperial knight construction - right side
The torso is not attached to the legs, and the arm is not yet glued into final position. This will allow me to play with the final positioning at a later point. All plating will be undercoated white, and the skeleton black, so the plating will be attached at a later point in time.

While the kit is just as complicated as the Morkanaut, for some reason it is far more fun to construct - possibly because its a cleaner look (which you would expect between Imperial and Ork tech). Anyway, I'm hoping that continues through the saga of magetising the right arm, getting the basing just so, and then the painting.

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