Tuesday, 30 December 2014

2014 Year in Review

This was a big year for me for 40k, and yet I've played very few actual games.
It feels like a reasonable amount got painted, and I have completed my Kan Wall army and finally fielded them on the table (victory! wooot!). My Imperial Knight and Space Wolves are still on the To Do list (although in the case of the Wolves, I am mainly filling in some gaps so not a huge amount remaining).

The first half of the year was quiet, as a new role at work consumed copious amounts of time. But with the release of 7th Edition I started to pick up the pace.

GW have successfully milked me of way more money than I want to think about this year (I've actually done the maths, and it horrifyingly comes to $843 not counting paint/brushes). Just the 7th Ed rulebook, SW, Ork and Imperial Knight codexes comes to $371. Oh my. Add to that an Imperial Knight, Morkanaut and you're looking at a larger number than should actually be spent on little toy soldiers.

On the bright side - I can't see myself buying much in 2015. My hope for 2015 is to play at least monthly, and get some bang for those bucks.

So what have I actually done in 2014?


  • Started painting some Skyclaws
  • Purchased 7th Edition
  • Started this blog! woo!


  • Finished painting the Skyclaws
  • Played some Kill Team
  • Bought the Ork Codex, Morkanaut, Ork Nobs, Mek and Painboy
  • Started assembling the Imperial Knight

  • Painted Ork AoBR warboss, Nobs
  • Started painting the Ork Painboy
  • Bought the SW Codex and 2 drop pods
  • Played my first 1500 pts battle of 7th Ed - lost to the IG and their IK ally
  • Assembled the Morkanaut
  • Played 3-player Kill team - Orks vs Inquisition vs Eldar - Inquisition Win!

  • Finished painting the Ork Mek
  • Played my second 1500 points battle of 7th Ed - again, lost to the IG led by Yarrick

  • Played another 3 player Kill Team game set on a space hulk - Orks win!
  • Painted up 6 Eldar Scorpions and had a blast!
  • Actually got some paint on the Morkanaut

  • Finished the Eldar Scorpions (except for basing - planned for 2015)
  • More painting on the Morkanaut

  • Finished the Morkanaut at last, including first attempt at weathering powders
  • Played my 3rd game of 7th Ed - Orks vs Flesh Tearers (new BA codex) - Orks win!! I'll post up a battle rep in the new year.

So there we have the year - some really good games and I'm really liking 7th Edition particularly the Maelstrom of War missions. I've painted up some figs I'm very happy with, and jumped onto the weathering powder band wagon.

And in 2015? Moar games! I have 2 drop pods to paint up and one day I may even get myself a Stormfang. And maybe, just maybe I might finish the Imperial Knight. And then, in the grim darkness of 2015 there shall be only war....

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