Sunday, 30 November 2014

WIP Morkanaut ready for weathering

Its been a while since I posted pics of this big guy - I have been distracting myself with eldar and other side projects, but in between have been plugging away at completing this one.
whatchoo lookin' at?
I'm at the stage where I just want it to be done, but not yet. Not yet.

my messy work station. And a big orky walker.
 Aerial view? why not...
Does sir dress to the left?....
 ... or the right?
Still to do:

  • general clean-up, especially around the back where there is some "gubbins" detail that I've not properly completed
  • rust on all metal surfaces - simply watered down Bestial Brown gently painted into the nooks and crannies
  • oxidisation on all bronze surfaces - 50:50 turquoise hawk:dark angels green, again gently painted into the nooks and crannies
  • detail & symbols - some freehand, some decals. depends on my mood and how bad the first few freehands are :)
  • finish the base, with drybrushing some lighter shades of grey onto the rocks, and another coat of Steel Legion Drab around the rim, followed by gluing some tufts onto the base.
Usually that's where I'd leave it - I am toying with the idea of breaking out the weathering powders I purchased many many moons ago in anticipation of some awesome Imperial-Knight-paintingz. And then the Ork codex was released, and here we are over 6 months later.

Anyway. The thinking being - I'd rather test the powders out on this guy than the Knight. So. Time to reasearch on the interwebs all things powdery. Expect some pics.

I might even get a game in with my Orks this Christmas....

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