Saturday, 20 December 2014

Morkanaut finished and ready for the table! Rawr!

Alrighty then - its done. My Big Mek's Morkanaut is finally ready to stomp down the ramp from his workshop and waddle slowly into combat.
40k Ork Morkanaut - head

40k Ork Morkanaut - front 1
Here's hoping he will actually get a chance to mash something with his huge and unweildy Claw before he explodes into a smoking crater (along with my Mek's hopes, dreams and kustom power toolz).
40k Ork Morkanaut - front 2
It is somewhat traditional that when my fearless opponent and I play, any new vehicle or figure that we have laboured for hours over will inevitably botch within Turn 1 or 2. The more points spent, the earlier they fall.
40k Ork Morkanaut - top
I am overall pretty happy with the result (with the one exception of the decals, especially the one on the right shoulder - argh - it looks so much like a decal. Barf!).
40k Ork Morkanaut - base
My first attempt at using weathering powders. Overall - I'm OK with the effect, although I need more practice. They were much easier to use than I expected to get an OK result.
40k Ork Morkanaut - left arm
It is completely unlike painting in that you place the pigments roughly where you want them, and then use a thinner (rubbing alcohol) to fix the pigments. It was totally weird. I think I succumbed to the usual n00b's failure of going a bit over the top, with the result that the pigments where heavier in areas where it didn't make sense (eg around the head/face). Interestingly, the final coat of Dullcote toned down alot of where I had gone a bit over the top, so that was good (and exactly as planned, not!).
40k Ork Morkanaut - right arm
I'm very very glad I played with the powders on the Morkanaut before the Imperial Knight - its perfectly in keeping with the Orky vibe to be a bit scrappy.
40k Ork Morkanaut - left leg
I like it: I have a bunch of photos of the weathering process so I'll post that up during the holidays in the hopes someone out there might find it useful (if only as a What Not To Do :) ).
40k Ork Morkanaut - right leg
Time for the Orks to hit the table, me thinks. And I have 2 1/2 weeks of leave scheduled over the Christmas break - woohoo!

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