Friday, 4 July 2014

Orks! and some Sky Claw progress

A reasonable amount of 40k stuff has progressed the over last fortnight. Time for a post!

Our first game of 7th Edition was postponed due to cold-of-doom, so I worked on finishing the Sky Claws who are done (pending a spray of Dullcote to take the shine off the decals and some areas where washes have dried with a bit of gloss). I'll do a separate post with pics when my camera decides to charge.

The Ork codex has released, and I'm looking to bring my Kan Wall army up to snuff, as well as I couldn't help but lash out on a Morkanaut (its a big orky walker - how could I not?!).

Overall I'm don't have really strong feelings either way on the new Codex. Alot of the content is the same/similar to the previous codex, the layout will take some getting used to, some units are better, some worse. I'll want to play test a few games with the Boyz before jumping to any conclusions.

I started my Kan Wall in 5th, when KFF, cover and vehicle rules made it one of the effective (and funny) builds. In 6th the introduction of Hull Points and change from 4+ cover to 5+ cover weakened things. Hopefully the 7th edition changes to vehicle rules and KFF to 5++ will help the bots waddle slowly across the field into bashing range with some survival (I mainly play against IG, so there are never any guarantees during the first 3 turns).The new codex has alot of good units in the Heavy Support which means not a lot of long range high strength shooting while the waddling happens. Hopefully the Morkanaut's gun and AV13 will help.

Either way, after buying a Morkanaut for $1 bajillion I'm not planning on buying a whole bunch of battlewagons or trucks, and definitely not painting all the boys needed for green tide, so I'm sticking with the Kans!

This is the list I'll probably go with and comes in at 1500 points on the nose.

War Boss w/Boss Pole & Power Klaw
Big Mek w/KFF and Da Fixer Uppers
Mek w KMB (doesn't take up slot)
Mek w KMB (doesn't take up slot)

Burna Boyz x 4 + Mek w KMB

Ork Boyz x 20 w Big Shoota x 2 and Nob w Boss Pole and Big Choppa (Big Mek joins unit)
Ork Boyz x 20 w Big Shoota x 2 and Nob w Boss Pole and Big Choppa (Warboss and Mek joins unit)
Ork Boyz x 20 w Big Shoota x 2 and Nob w Boss Pole and Big Choppa (Mek joins unit)

Fast Attack:
Deff Kopta w TLRL
Deff Kopta w TLRL

Heavy Support:
Morkanaut w KFF
Killa Kans x 6 w Rokkit Launchas
Deff Dred w Power Klaw and Scorcha

Sitting things out from my previous lists are the Dakka Jet, Lootas and Gretchin.

I'm not sold on the Boss or the Burnas, but alot of the above is driven by models I own. With such a 6+ save I'm not sure he'll ever survive to swing his fist but I need him for the Waaagh! and I only own the AoBR model with the Power Klaw. The Burnas will spend the first part of the game in the Morkanaut so the Mek can help fix hull points but otherwise unlikely to do anything. However given there will be 2 other Mek's plus the Big Mek with his Da Fixer Uppers so the Burna Mek might be superfluous? Potentially I could go Unbound and replace the Burnas with a unit of 5 Lootas, or maybe 4 Mek Guns (which would involve buying 4 expensive kits so not a good option). Or maybe stay with the standard FOC and get some Bikers so that the enemy have to deal with a unit up in their face early?

The Nobs w/Big Choppas are because I don't have the points for 3 power klaws (75 pts!).

To field the above I need to assemble & paint:

  • War Boss from the AoBR kit that has been lurking in my painting queue for about 4 years
  • 3 Nobs with Big Choppas
  • Morkanaut w/KFF <- this is the one I am looking forwards to doing.
The Boss and Nobs are now assembled, based and undercoated and hopefully will start getting paint on them over the next 3-4 weeks. I'll do some WIP pics.

Looks like the Imperial Knight will probably not see battle for several months, but thats OK as the rumours seem to have Space Wolves pushing back to September or so. That should give me enough time to get the Kan Wall painted and on the table for a battle report.

And then its the Wolf Time!

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