Sunday, 13 July 2014

WIP Imperial Knight - Legs assembled

I spent an evening recently finally with the Imperial Knight, cleaning up and assembling the legs and lower torso. I have kept all the plating separate to make it easy to paint the parts of the skeleton underneath those areas.

I originally was planning on House Griffith, due to the opening fluff and the colour scheme complementing my wolves. However GW in their infinite wisdom put the House Griffith decals on a limited edition sheet which sold out in about 5 minutes. So no House Griffith for me.

The current plan is House Hawkeshroud. I love the fluff of the honour bound knights swearing oaths, and even lone Knights staying on where their honour demands as almost Freeblades. I really can see that sort of Knight fitting into a Space Wolf force, where oaths of brotherhood and acts of valour and honour are valued. The main reason I was thinking House Griffith was due to the fact that I hate painting yellow.

Which means time to learn how to paint yellow well.

I've been trying to think of what to do with the base, as something this large needs something for visual interest without distracting from the awesomeness of the figure (as opposed to my painting!).

The Micro Art Studio concrete walls destroyed kit has some great bits for barricades, and I'm playing with using the two smallest pieces on the base, so that the Knight is striding through puny buildings focused on battle. I've also grabbed a GW 40k basing kit, which is likely expensive for what it is (as most things are at GW) however in this case convenience won over wallet (as the Gale Force 9 urban rubble kit was out of stock during 2 visits to the FLG Mind Games).

This will likely be the last progress on the Knight until after my Morkanaut is painted and on the table.
wip imperial knight legs assembled

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