Wednesday, 16 July 2014

WIP: Orks! Warboss and some Nobs - Basecoat 1

Some quick work in progress pics of the latest additions to the Kan Wall.

I'm forcing myself to finish these guys before letting myself start the Morkanaut - very motivating!

aobr ork warboss basecoat skin 1

aobr ork warboss basecoat skin 2

aobr ork nob basecoat skin 1

ork nob 2 big choppa basecoat skin 1

ork nob 3 basecoat skin 1

ork nobs basecoat skin 1

Plus, we might only play some lower point games to test out 7th Edition, say 750 points, so I have some time to get the big bot done, but I need a Warboss to Waaagh, and some Nobs to (somewhat) mitigate Mob Rule.

I have also assembled one of the new Painboys, and am thinking of taking out the Burna Boys and replacing them with the Painboy and another Mek. I'm thinking the Boys squad with the Warboss might be needing the Feel No Pain, as the KFF bubble isn't as big as it used to be.

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