Thursday, 19 June 2014

On the workbench - Sky Claws squad

I have always tried to limit my 40k plastic habit by my painting backlog - no new toys until the queue is done. Fine in theory, in reality a few side projects have accumulated (much like the dust).

These sky claws have been lurking in my queue
since I purchased a sizable number of kits via internet from the US via a shipito address to take advantage of free shipping within the US to the west coast at least. GW has made internet orders more difficult these days, but at the time even with shipping it was almost 50% off walking into a local GW shop thanks to exchange rates.

Anyway - these claws are about 90% done. Still need to finish off the power weapon effect, final highlights/washes, finish the OSL effect on the backpacks (thanks to this awesome tutorial from the amazingly talented eyeoferror) clean up the base and add tufts and snow etc.

Mostly using the WD358 colour schemes from October 2009 when the codex came out - the new replacement for Shadow Grey seems a bit darker, but the highlights brighten it up overall.
The power axe is WIP. Not sure about the black helm as it doesn't pop. Depending upon how the axe turns out might repaint his helm red.
 Face needs some cleaning up, as does my attempt at freehand on the pack marking.
Again with the shoulderpad pack marking. I really like this pose though as its more dynamic than the "throw your chainsword in the air like you just don't care" pose.
 The crossed swords were a pain to get to sit right, and need some more highlighting to pop more.
 My favorite of the 5 poses, his jump pack is waiting me locating a pack marking decal.
And the back, with the current state of the OSL. Step 3 of 5 from the tutorial linked above.

Time spent so far - about 6-8 hours, most of that spent in the tedious basecoating stage of doom but as always push through the horror of the base coat and then washes and highlights kick in and motivation levels rise!

After this, I need to investigate a better setup for taking photos, as the paint-stained mdf I use to paint on is clearly very very classy and the lighting is not ideal.

Next post will either be the finished pics, or hopefully a battle rep for our first 7th Ed game which is maaaaybe happening sometime in June. And then I'm hoping to start the Imperial Knight - woo!

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