Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Oldschool Orks - 2nd Ed WarBuggy

My first 2nd edition Ork unit/figure: a war buggy.
2nd Edition Ork War Buggy - Left
Its funny - while I'm super keen (and/or nostalgic) for 2nd ed I have to admit that the minis can be very hit or miss. Some have that old school charm, and others like the war buggy are pretty ugly :)

I'm trying to build an army similar to the one's from the 190-220 White Dwarfs - several mobs of boys on foot led by Gazkhull, a shock attack gun, a dred, small mobs of kommandos and stormboyz, and some form of Speed Freaks vehicles - this buggy is the first part of the speed freaks.
2nd Edition Ork War Buggy - Right
Construction was very much simpler than today's kits, and painting was fairly straight forwards also. I struggled with painting the driver and gunner - initially I thought it was trying to find a colour scheme that didn't clash/compete with the red of the buggy. Now I actually think it was simply they are ugly models!

My favorite bit of the model was the moulded Evil Sunz banner pole. Banners in 40k are very silly and definately part of 2nd ed for me.
2nd Edition Ork War Buggy - Banner Pole
I tried getting a horizon reflection in the driver's glasses, but they are so small (and less defined than modern kits like the dakkajet) that I'm not sure it makes much of a difference.
2nd Edition Ork War Buggy - Front and Driver
The kit off eBay came with the original decals, so I had some fun with those.

After putting on the decals, I decided to break out the weathering powders, as it was just too clean.
2nd Edition Ork War Buggy - Back
Done. What 2nd edition unit to post next week?

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