Sunday, 12 July 2015

Drop pod finished - Death from Above!

The third, and definately last drop pod is done, and so I'm now ready to rain power armoured little mens down upon my cunning and dastardly opponent's back field.
40k SW drop pod number 3
I have previously only ever fielded a single pod, which is more useful as a distraction than a solid threat.

40k SW three pods FTW!
Three allows two to arrive turn 1, so at least the contents have some backup or support while the rest of the army runs forwards. The main decision now is what to put in them.

In my experience Grey Hunters are actually very very fragile in a world populated by chimera mounted melta and plasma vets, so that's not a likely option. Although they do provide the very useful Objective Secured to the pod which can be handy although not mandatory in Maelstrom missions.
40k SW three pods - whats in the can?
I'm leaning towards two dreadnoughts and the wolf guard termies.

This would mean Venerable Brother Stumpy might be awakened for battle once more - he hasn't set large armoured foot upon a battlefield for years after mostly being used as a solo meltacide unit to take down a horrible tank carrying a huge pie plate wielding gun. At least that was the plan, but the Squat imperial guard learned to bubble wrap, curse them.
40k SW Bjorn and Brother Stumpy
Bjorn did OK in my last battle, but its so painful watching a large hulking Dread waddle slowly down the field. So having his own ride (which he can do in the 7th ed codex) should help get him into the thick of it. But he needs some backup - hence the 2nd dred and/or the wolf guard termies who also performed admirably that same game.
40k SW WGT and Dreds - a lot of points in very few models
Perhaps 7th Edition is the edition where my Dreads see some sunlight.

Next in the painting queue - swooping hawks, followed by some power armoured wolf guard and special weapons grey hunters. And then what? Skitarri? Or a Stormfang gunship? only my wallet can tell....

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