Thursday, 23 April 2015

WIP - IK ready for decals & weathering

A slight delay to blogging this month, mainly due to my camera being broken - my daughter loves playing with it and I don't think the zoom was designed with an excitable 2 year old in mind. Photos this week are via a tablet, so apologies in advance for photo quality.
WIP IK Errant - front
Work has been insane the last few months, so very little actual gaming has happened this year, but I'm continuing to make progress on the painting front.

WIP IK Errant - face
WIP IK Errant - right side & weapon
 WIP IK Errant - back
The IK is reaching the point of diminishing returns for my skill level I think - I'm reasonably happy with things and now need to apply decals and some battle damage and weathering (which I am not planning on going over the top with). 
 WIP IK Errant - torso
The Knight is still held together with hope, and I'll start applying glue after finishing applying decals to the leg plates.
WIP IK Errant - carapace
On the decal front, I'm a bit foiled by the fact that if you want to get close to the heraldry in the codex you need the limited edition decal sheet that sold out within weeks of the initial release. Which is annoying. Why would GW make something like that limited edition??
WIP IK Errant - thermal cannon
So my options are to wait a few weeks to see if the rumours of an IK release including a re-release of the decals happens. Or I can attept to freehand (freehand isn't my strong suit), or just bypass the fiddly bits like wreaths.
WIP IK Paladin - front
In the meantime I need to head to the FLGS to pick up some Microset and Microsol.
WIP IK Paladin - battle cannon
I am also super tempted by the Codex: Skitarii, as I think my Oathsworn (Accipter Solus, thank you) needs a contingent of faithful household retainers to fight alongside his Space Wolf brethren. One unit of Vanguard and one of Rangers, minimal upgrades might make a fun addition. Which, of course, is how GW sucks you in :)

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