Sunday, 24 August 2014

WIP Morkanaut assembled

After about five 1 hour sessions of cleaning up and gluing this big boy is ready for a coat of chaos black.
WIP morkanaut assembled 1

The morkanaut is quite laborious to assemble, with most pieces having more sprue connections that I would have thought necessary resulting in a fair amount of filing and scraping.
WIP morkanaut assembled 2

At about the 3 hour mark I was mostly thinking - this is going to be a bugger to paint all the details.
WIP morkanaut assembled 3

Now he's done, and I've green stuffed a few gaps, and put some sand on the base I can't wait to get to the painting stage!

And while I'm here - a group shot of the unpainted morkanaut with his deff dred and killa kan brothers for size comparison, along with my Big Mek and one of his grots. Smile for the cameras boyz!
40k orks a mek and his toys 1

40k orks a mek and his toys 2

40k orks a mek and his toys 3

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