Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Waagh enabled: Warboss finished

I had some motivational issues with the Ork nobs, so decided to focus on the Warboss and remembered why Orks are fun to paint.

I'm really happy with the skin, the highlighting on the pants/leather, the red armour and particularly the face. The checks on the bosspole and shoulder feel a bit messy, and I'm not wild with the banner - its less crisp than I'd like. Then again, I tell myself - its an Ork, they don't do crisp.

For the skin, I started with this tutorial by Iron Dog Studios (check out his other stuff, I love his potato head stompa):

  • Basecoat: Dark Angel Green
  • Layer: Elysian Green (note - tutorial called for catachan green, and suspect I was meant to use the new Castellan Green - oh well)
  • Wash: Thraka Green
This was the WIP at this point:

And then I added:
  • Layer: Warboss Green
At this point I had picked up White Dwarf #24 due to StormClaw(!!!! not sure I can add enough ! there) and decided to use the steps 5-7 for Grukk Face-Rippa's skin:
  • Highlight: Skarsnik Green
  • Glaze: Baal Red (replacing Bloodletter) to mouth/lips only
  • Final Highlight: Kislev Flesh to mouth/lips and where klaw meets flesh
I'm pretty happy with how he turned out, and used the motivation from that to sort out what I was doing with the 3 nobs and have finished them this week also. I'll post some pics on the weekend.

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