Sunday, 15 June 2014

First Post!

Who is this masked man, and why is he bothering?..

I have been gaming with 40k since late 2008, playing mainly 5th edition. I can probably count the number of 6th edition games on both hands due to the arrival of my daughter in late 2012 followed by my main gaming friend also becoming a dad in late 2013.

My first love in 40k has been the Space Wolves, and has been since I was poring through White Dwarf back in the early 90's so when I started 40k in 2008 that's where I began.

Since then I have also dipped a toe into the realms of Orks, with a Kanwall army (it was a great idea in 5th when I started, less so in 6th when I finished painting the army although still fun to play and a blast to paint.

So why bother with a blog since I'm certainly late to the blogging party?

Because 2014 is looking to be a big year, with 7th Edition having just dropped, and an Ork codex just around the corner. A Gorkanaut should fit into the kanwall just nicely.

There are rumours of a new Space Wolf codex, which would be almost 5 years since the last one. The 2009 codex has aged well, but an update to 7th ed would be nice.

And after trying to decide what codex to ally my Wolves with for about a year, GW released the Imperial Knights and it was clear - it must be mine!

Should be a good year!

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