Friday, 12 June 2015

SW Drop Pod #2 of 3 done

Given Space Wolves are my first 40k love, they haven't gotten alot of painting attention from me in the last few months.

40k SW drop pod #2 - closed

With the Knight done, it was time to crack through the painting queue of grey plastic in my cupboard of shame - I bought 2 drop pods in September last year after the new SW codex dropped to bring the total number to 3.

40k SW drop pod #2 - open w deathwind launcher - close up
I trialed the Fang spray paint from GW for this one, and was bitterly disappointed - the paint went really fuzzy on parts of the drop pod - fortunately mostly on the bottom (which I don't bother painting as it sits on the ground out of sight) and the lower parts of the doors (which would be face down on the battle field after the pod lands and its cargo jump out). I've never had an issue with GW black or white spray, so am not happy with the Fang spray and will be doing Pod #3 base coat by hand.
40k SW drop pod #2 - open w storm bolter - central console
So rather than try to strip it back to grey and start again, I persevered and took it as the universe telling me not to go overboard highlighting this one but aim for table-top standard.
40k SW drop pod #2 - open w storm bolter
It is an easy, yet tedious paint - you're basically painting the same bits 5 times. I admire (and am slightly scared) by the folks that build & paint 10 or 11 of these ahead of a tournament (shout out to the awesome Space Wolves blog I've been following since the 2009 SW codex - love the beer can drop pods). I would go mad.
40k SW drop pod #2 - open w storm bolter 2
I used Tamiya masking tape to do the hazard stripes, and was really happy with how much easier that made the process - I find free hand stressful to paint. All I had to do was get the yellow done, place on strips of masking tape at the right places and then quickly paint on the black. No worries, no leaks.
40k SW drop pod #2 - open w deathwind launcher 2
I decided to avoid madness (well, that's my claim) after completing this Pod to work on some of my friend's Dire Avengers which I will hopefully post up pics of in a few days when I finish the bases.

With the Dire Avengers almost done I need to get back to the 3rd (and last ever) Pod. When I have all 3 Pods done the dilemma will then be: what do I put in them? Grey Hunters are not that survivable for a turn but are good for objective taking in maelstrom missions. Wolf Guard Terminators work well (and allows me to stick with the fluff of not teleporting in as per previous edition SW codices). But I think my Dreadnoughts might make some more battlefield appearances.

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