Saturday, 20 June 2015

Dire Avengers

I confess to having alot of fun painting my friends 90's era Eldar.
40k eldar dire avengers - group front
Here is the second squad of aspect warriors I've done - Dire Avengers.
I was re-reading (a borrowed) White Dwarf 125 (dated May 1990) this weekend which has the first pictures of the Eldar aspect warriors. These sculpts obviously made it into the final production and still look fantastic.
WD 125 - prototype eldar aspect warriors announced

And then in White Dwarf 138 Mike McVey gives an overview on how to paint Andy Chambers' new Eldar force ("we decided to make the army a force from one of the less well-known Craftworlds, Alaitoc Craftworld.").
WD 138 alaitoc dire avengers
I am now seriously contemplating trying to make back banners for the Eldar. WD138 includes a template for the dire avenger banner, and the banner pole is a pin fitted into a narrow hole drilled into the back.

40k eldar dire avengers - group above
I am also sad that my friend's 90's era eldar decals didn't survive the years as most pics of aspect warriors seem to have
40k eldar dire avengers - group back
Here's the Exach pointing by himself.
40k eldar dire avengers - exarch
And Dire Avengers 1 & 2.
40k eldar dire avengers - avengers 1 & 2
And Dire Avengers 3 & 4.
40k eldar dire avengers - avengers 3 & 4
I am debating redoing the gemstones in the bases as purple/pink to tie in with the Striking Scorpions, as the blue ones get lost with all the blue going on. I'll think about that.

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