Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Fire Dragons done

The 3rd drop pod is going sloooowly, but is progressing. To alleviate the boredom of painting the same 5 panels repeatedly I decided to do something with my friend's old school Fire Dragons looking at me from the painting queue.
I'm quite happy with the result, particularly the OSL on the eyes as a balance to the dark red/brown of the body. Thanks to DaveG for introducing me to basic colour theory concepts!

Fuegan the Burning Lance is still on the queue, as his axe is missing - I'll need to work out a plan B if my friend can't unearth it from a box buried about 8 moves ago.

Purely for my own future reference, the paints used for the fire dragon armour are:

  • Base: Khorne Red:Abaddon Black 2:1
  • Layer: Khorne Red
  • Layer: Red Gore
  • Wash: Thrakka Green
  • Highlight: Blazing Orange
  • Highlight: Blazing Orange:Yriel Yellow 1:1
  • Final Highlight: Yriel Yellow
I have used the motivation from finishing these guys to push on and finish high-lighting the 5 drop pod fins which for me are the slowest part. Now to base coat the Pod base & doors.

Although the Swooping Hawks are looking at me from the queue....

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