Sunday, 29 March 2015

WIP: Imperial Knight rises

More progress - I'm pushing through the lack of motivation a little at a time, and as I started going beyond jut the Boltgun Metal and Tin Bits I can start to see him taking shape.

I think this is the pose I'm going to land on.
In a fit of enthusiasm I sprayed his plates white this afternoon.
 I think I need another hour or two cleaning up his metal bits - there is alot of detail in the form of wires and conduits, but I need to see how much is hidden by his shoulders and backplates - no need to paint anything that won't see the light of day (much in the way I don't paint the interiors of my rhinos).
The other thing I saw this weekend that was interesting was this eldar on dakka - I am thinking of doing something similar for my friend's fire dragons. But not before this Knight is on the battlefield!

I'm travelling for work this week, but hopefully will get some time over the Easter long weekend to (a) play? and (b) make more progress.

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