Sunday, 12 April 2015

IK - Does Sir dress to the left, or the right?

I still need to clean up the detail on the Knights body (so many wires) so decided to do a test fit of the plating to determine at what point the detail became hidden from view.
40k WIP ImpKnight face

And liked it so much I decided to focus on getting the plating painted up before coming back to the many tiny wires, cables and other bits needing some attention.
40k WIP ImpKnight plating on 1
 40k WIP ImpKnight plating on 2
40k WIP ImpKnight plating on 3
Over the Easter weekend I did the yellow (Iyanden Darksun, Yriel Yellow x2 thin coats, Gryphonne Sepia), and this weekend gone I have started the metal edging (Leadbelcher, Nuln Oil), white (Dheneb Stone) and black (Abaddon Black) areas, as well as some detail such as the purity seals and a little of the eyes.
 40k WIP ImpKnight face mask
I'm happy with progress. I need to clean up some edges here and there, and there are some oops-marks where I failed to colour between the lines on the yellow.
40k WIP ImpKnight plating on 4
But the change of painting focus has helped keep my motivation going nicely.
40k WIP ImpKnight plating on 5
None of the plates are glued yet, so held in by faith in the Emperor (and friction).
40k WIP ImpKnight base
I think next weekend painting will go back to cleaning up mistakes and detail, and then its on to highlighting and shading,

My Cunning Opponent has made me swear that our next game will have the Knight on the field, so I need to get busy finishing this guy.

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