Thursday, 22 January 2015

Wraithbone bases arrive from Poland

A small package of nerdiness arrived around lunchtime today - the Microart wraithbone bases for my friend's Scorpions (and perhaps one or two other eldar?).
I placed the order just after Christmas, so that's about 3 weeks via the cheapest shipping method from Poland so I'm pretty happy with that turn around.

The bases are crisp, with lots of detail and no bubbles or flaking that I've encountered with other bases .(Please excuse the crappy stained working surface).
I'm pretty keen to get the Striking Scorpions onto these guys, although some of the bases are going to be tricky to actually find a stable pose for the figures.
Hopefully I'll get these done before the end of January, in time to take custody of the next batch of Eldar (either Fire Dragons, or Dire Avengers).

Possibly the hardest thing will be handing the Eldar back!

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