Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Kill Team: old school randomness and fun

My friends and I got together about a month ago now to play us some Kill Team.
 The Inquisition, Orks and Eldar again faced off, this time in a Space Hulk where the Inquisitor had led his team under the influence of his daemonic artefact (his deamon sword). The Orks followed as they like a good punch up, and the Eldar sent in Harlequins and Dire Avengers to try and prevent the Inquisitor from doing whatever he was doing.

I can't remember enough to do a battle report, but the rule summary is:

  • Kill Team points values, with Inquisition getting an additional 75points for a warlord/HQ
  • Inquisition start on the board as blips
  • Eldar/Orks activate the blips by coming into line of sight. If the Inquisition model/blip survives a turn then the alarm goes off and the rest of the Inquisition blips activate and start taking actions as normal.
  • 6 teleporters which are random (select via d6) and take 1 action to use. Can be used more than once in a turn.
  • Doors are Toughness 4 and can be 
    • opened via a successful Init test, or 
    • destroyed by inflicting one wound (guess which one the orks selected?)
  • 2 Computers are on the board, which can be controlled by moving next to the computer, and then used to:
    • Respawn a mini of the player's choice at a random teleport point,
    • Open/close a door that hasn't been destroyed
    • Turn on/off a poison gas grate in a room, which makes every model moving into/out of that room take a Dangerous Terrain test. This proved surprising lethal.
  • Game continues until the Inquisiton warlord is dead (and therefore the deamon artefact swiped.
Orks won, through numbers and randomness. Burnas are super awesome in Kill team.

The random teleporters added a completely old-school warhammer feel, reminding me of Dungeon Bowl. The game was slow to get going as we started so far away from eachother, but rapidly accelerated and in the last few turns we were all down to very few minis on each side. The Eldar died horribly horribly to the poison gas vents, while the Orks bounced around the place and wore down the Inquisition until they finally took control of a computer and started respawning Burnas and the Mek who finally took out the target warlord with his Kustom Mega Blasta bypassing his 3+ save and Feel No Pain. Ha!

40k killteam orks deployment zone
40k killteam eldar deployment zone
40k killteam orks move forward
40k killteam eldar move forward
40k killteam eldar uncovers deathcult assassin
40k killteam orks take out deamonhost
40k killteam deathcult assassin strikes back
40k killteam eldar prepare to kick in the door
40k killteam daemonhost returns aieee
40k killteam orks continue to move forward
40k killteam orks clear out the pests
40k killteam inq sets off poison gas grate
40k killteam orks and eldar finally meet
40k killteam eldar clear out inq in room of death
40k killteam inq warlord has trapped himself and bodyguards
40k killteam inq techpriest teleports in and surprises gretchin
40k killteam greatchin attack jokaero
40k killteam greatchin l33t hackerz
40k killteam inq jokaero returns
40k killteam ork mek blasts inq warlord and wins
Next time we might tune the rules so the poison gas vents are slightly less lethal, there are at least 1 computer per player (control of these proved very useful as the respawn helped offset attrition). And make the teleporters only usable once per turn, rather than one action as this meant the orks could bounce around the map until they found a room they liked, rather than properly dealing with the consequences of jumping into a random device.

As winner (and the Orks being in control of the deamonsword) next game is for me to design. Decisions decisions. Do we go with more space-hulk style maps with corridors and rooms, or city of death with as much terrain wedged into a 4x4 table as possible?

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