Friday, 19 September 2014

Mekboy painted!

I have been feeling very unmotivated about painting the Gorkanaut for some reason - I suspect it is that very few people on the interwebs seem to have much time for them, and orky walkers in general in the current 7th edition and codex. Which is a shame, as they look fantastic.

It could also be that the model was a pain to assemble, and the amount of detail to be painted is looking a little discouraging.


In an attempt to get my painting mojo back I have finished my new mekboy using the new model released with the codex.
40k ork mekboy closeup

Easy to assemble. Very clean mould lines required hardly any filing. The arms are easy to magnetise. I'll most likely field this guy with just his mek tools, but if I have some points handy (ie never) the killsaw could be interesting.
40k ork mekboy front

Paint scheme is straight out of White Dwarf issue 21 from June. Imaginative no, but I'm really liking the weathered yellow.

This guy took a while to paint - some of the ork figs have too much detail and it can become a bit laborious to paint. I had this feeling in a massive way when painting the AoBR Deff Koptas, and again with this guy.

40k ork mekboy w killsaw front

40k ork mekboy left

40k ork mekboy back

40k ork mekboy w killsaw right

40k ork mekboy right

Anyway - am hoping the emotional boost from finishing a figure and posting about it will get me over the edge and get some wet paint on that Gorkanaut - because at that point my Kan Wall will be done and ready to play and I can get started on my imperial knight, then those 2 drop pods I purchased last month, and then the maybe I might accidentally purchase one of the new stormfang/wolf flyers (oops!)...

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