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Battle Report - first game of 7th Ed: 1500 pts new SW codex vs Squats (IG + IK allies) - Pic Heavy!

So my regular opponent of awesome and I finally managed to sync up for a game of 40k using 7th Ed rules and the shiny new Space Wolf codex I had obtained the previous week.

And it was awesome!

My Space Wolves and the Squats of Clan Kincaid have been duelling for several years over possession of an alleged artefact linked to Russ himself, although the Squats refuse to part with the device until the Wolves pay for Russ's bar tab (with interest).

And this time, the Squats obtained an abandoned mining robot housing the mortally wounded remnants of the last member of the Golgothan Resistance to help the remnants of the clan fend off the ravening force of Wolves.

Meanwhile, I tried out using a named character - Harald Deathwolf. With the previous codex, the named IC's were all so so expensive, but Harald is quite reasonably priced for what you get.

On to the detail of the game - lots of text and pictures after the break.

Space Wolves - 1500pts
Combined Arms Detachment:
Harald Deathwolf
Rune Priest w ML2, hood
Wolf Guard Terminators's x5 w TH/SS, SS+SB, WC+SB, FA+SB, PF+SB
Grey Hunters #1 x5, w WG Pack Leader w PW, plasma gun & rhino
Grey Hunters #2 x5, w WG Pack Leader w PW, plasma gun & rhino
Fast Attack: 
Thunder Wolf Cavalry x 3 w SS, w WC
Skyclaws x5 w PW
Landspeeder w TML & MM
Heavy Support: 
Land Raider Crusader w MM

Imperial Guard + Imperial Knight allies (1500 points)
Combined Arms Detachment:
Tank Commander - Precision Aiming System 2000 (PASK)
Leman Russ Punisher
Leman Russ Punisher
Company Command Squad w Chimera, 3 plasma guns, regimental standard, Company Commander w/Kurov's Aquila and some other stuff
Veteran Squad w veteran sergeant, 3 x plasma gun, autocannon team, chimera (Plasma Vets #1)
Veteran Squad w veteran sergeant, 3 x plasma gun, autocannon team, chimera (Plasma Vets #2)
Veteran Squad w veteran sergeant, 3 x melta gun, autocannon team, chimera (Melta Vets)
Allied Detachment:
Knight Paladin The Ghost of Golgotha

On to the scenario. We decided to go with Maelstrom of War for something new, and rolled up Contact Lost - Standard deployment method, 6 objectives. North is IG deployment zone. South is SW zone.

Terrain summary: trees in centre, line of sight blocking building to east, line of sight blocking mountain to west. refinery in centre of SW deployment zone. ruin in NE corner. ruin in SE corner. barricade on eastern flank running north-south. Trees and standing stones in NW corner. Crystal field in centre of IG deployment zone. standing stones in SW corner.
Trees and crystal terrain counts as Twisted Copse (cover if standing on base even if model not obscured).

SW placed objectives first:
1. behind (south) line-of-sight-blocking builing to east of centre
2. in the crystals centre north in IG deployment zone
3. in the trees in the centre
4. next to barrier on eastern flank
5. on top of refinery silo in SW deployment zone
6. in front of trees in north-west corner

The board!

IG chose SW to deploy first.
SW deployed land raider containing WGT's next to refinery (east), rhino w RP & GH#1 next to refinery (west), rhino w GH#2 next to LR (east). Reserved Harald + TWC's, sky claws and LS
IG deployed LR squadron in centre (sitting on #2), 2 chimeras w plasma vets just east of crystals, chimera w melta vets next to obj #6 in front of trees, and IK in front of plasma chimeras ready to move forward.

The wolves line up in the center
So many tanks - and the counts as IK on the east flank

SW chose to go first, IG failed to seize.

SW Turn 1: 
The LRC and the Rhino containing Grey Hunter squad #1 claim Objective 1 and hunker down behind the line of sight blocking terrain. The other Rhino with the Rune Prist and GH squad #2 moves up to nestle behind the western mountain, able to see Chimera containing melta vets. Psychic and Shooting phases are uneventful.
 Should have pushed the LRC forward

SW 1 (tac obj met), IG 0

IG Turn 1: 
The LR Punishers shuffle a bit and can see the rhino#1 but it gets cover, and the IK moves 12" onto eastern flank near Obj 4 and can also see the back half of rhino#1. Melta chimera moves forward into melta gun range (not within 6") of Rhino #2. Plasma chimera #1 and CCS chimera move forward into gap between LOSB building and crystals, Plasma chimera #2 moves forward behind IK towards Obj 4.

The Punisher squadron opens up w/40 Str5 shots (rerolling 1's and Pask rends), and Rhino #1 is wrecked on hull points. The GH#1 get out of the side door and huddle uselessly as the IK lines up his battle cannon on the GH's, scatters the first shot and wipes out the unit with the second as it hits.

The Melta vets on the Western flank shake Rhino#2 and blow off its storm bolter.

SW 1, IG 2 (tac obj met, first blood)

SW Turn 2 
All reserves come on. No new tac cards generated as no objectives claimed.

GH#2 and RP disembark and line up shots on the melta chimera. The landspeeder deepstrikes next to the melta chimera and scatters to just in front of it. Harald and his TWC outflank and come in on the West flank to threaten the melta chimera but to stay out of sight of the rending Punisher squadron. After massive indecision the Skyclaws don't deep strike but walk on from the back to claim Obj #3 on the refinery from out of sight - I need some tac cards for VP's. The LRC moves 12" forward into the centre of the board and away from the IK and attempts to multi-melta a Punisher but whiffs on a 1.

 Least ballsy walk on evar!

Using POMS I decided to use the assault cannon on the Plasma Chimera #1 and luckily pen and immobilise it (which proves to be the key point for the SW for the next few turns). The RP and GH#1 fail to do anything to the Melta Chimera, as does the Landspeeder.
 Lucky immobilisation...
SW 1, IG 2

IG Turn 2 
The IK moves back to the centre but cannot get between the immobilised Chimera and the building to be able to assault the LR. This was awesome!

In the West, the Melta vets disembark and line up Harald and the TWC. The melta-chimera backs onto Obj #6 next to the trees. Plasma vets #1 disembark and move into the Crystal fields for cover and to claim Obj #2. CCS chimera moves back towards the centre against North board edge. Plasma Chimera #2 moves to claim Obj 4 on the eastern flank. Pask and LR shuffle around to line up Harald and TWC.

The IK battle cannon hits the LR twice but only causes 1 glance. The Melta vets open up on Harald and roll 3 ones for the meltas and the lasguns fail to do anything. The CCS and Plasma #1 chimeras use their multilazers to each take 1 HP off the landspeeder, wrecking it. Pask and LR open up on Harald with 40 shots, and due to a rash of good LOS and armour saves when the dust clears only a single TWC dies.

SW 1, IG 2

Board overview at bottom of the 2nd

SW Turn 3 
I draw a tactical objective card, and it comes up with with claim Obj #5. Woo!

The Skyclaws sit on Obj #5. The RP and GH#2 move up to assault the melta vets. The TWC's move up and around the landspeeder's wreck to threaten the Melta chimera. The Landraider moves up a small amount and pivots to line up its weapons on the disembarked plasma vets in the crystal fields, and the WGT get out and move right up to within 2" of the LR squadron.

Shooting from the RP and GH#2 removes the 3 meltas from the vets to reduce the risk of overwatch before assaulting. The landraider's fire takes out 2 plasma vets at the front of the squad despite the unit going to ground.

The RP and GH#1 assault the melta vets wiping them out and consolidate behind the wreck of the landspeeder and out of sight of Pask.

The WGT's assault the LR squadron, shaking and blowing the cannon off the non-Pask tank. Disappointing and where momentum is allowed to shift back to IG.

Harald and TWC's assault the Melta Chimera, wrecking it and claim Obj #5.

SW 2, IG 2

IG Turn 3 
The IK moves around the immobilised chimera and behind the crystal fields. Pask shuffles and rotates to line up Harald and the TWC. The CCS shuffles to the back board edge to stay out of the IK's way. Plasma chimera #2 sneaks down the eastern flank to line break and threaten Objs 1 and 5.

The IK's battle cannon does another HP to the LRC. The Plasma vets #2 shoot the WGT's and kill 3, including the SS+TH, SS+SB and the WC+SB guy. Pask's 20 rending shots take out the TWC's and does 1 wound to Harald.
Hold the line!
Plasma vets slow the WGT's momentum

SW 2, IG 2
Board overview, bottom of the 3rd
SW Turn 4 
The LRC backs up through the trees into the centre to claim Obj #3 and be within 12" multi-melta range of the Leman Russes. The 2 remaining WGT's move to be behind one Leman Russ (out of sight of plasma vets).
Harald hurdles the wrecked Chimera to assault Pask with his axe.
The RP and GH#2 move up to Obj #6 and their rhino which has been hiding behind the western mountain moves up to be somewhat near them.
The LRC's melta explodes one of the Punishers and the ensuing explosing kills a WGT (FA+SB) and a plasma vet. Harald and the remaining WGT (PF+SB) wreck Pask, but consolidate 1" and 2" respectively, so unable to get out of the IK threat range next turn.

In hindsight I should have pushed the landraider at the IK rather than retreating, trusting in the AV14 and the All Father. At the very least the LRC would be a hefty speed bump, at best perhaps a lucky melta shot or tank shock might have done something.

SW 6 (slay the warlord, 3 VPs for claiming obj #3,5 and 6 while the IG have #2), IG 2
IG Turn 4 
The IK moves up through the crystals to threaten the last WGT and Harald. The Plasma vets on foot Get Back Into The Fight and move to claim Obj #3.
Plasma Chimera #2 accelerates down the eastern flank to get behind enemy lines.
The IK's Battle cannons fire does nothing, but the assault goes off (striding over and standing on top of Pask's wreck) evaporating the WGT, and then 3 stomps go off and just kill Harald outright! Holy cow!

SW 6, IG 7 (obj #3, slay the warlord, 1 VP for behind enemy lines, 1 VP for holding the line and 1 for something I can't remember)
Board overview, bottom of the 4th
SW Turn 5 
The tactical objective cards this turn aren't particularly useful. Rhino #2 moves up to claim Obj #6, and the RP and GH#2 get back in.
The LRC reverses away from the IK (again, should I have moved forward? probably yes, effectively I'm letting the IK dictate the flow of the game at this point). The Skyclaws shuffle about behind the refinery to stay out of sight of the Plasma Chimera #2's multi laser.
The RP summons the warp and does 1 hull point to the IK with Living Lightning (only making him angry)

SW 6, IG 7

IG Turn 5
The IK stomps over the wreck of Pask and the melta chimera but rolls poorly for move through cover and basically is standing on top of both. Plasma Chimera #2 rolls into the SW deployment zone and flames the Skyclaws. The disembarked Plasma vets get better into the cover of the trees next to Obj #3.
 The IK's battle cannon wrecks the rhino, and the GH's and RP bail out into the cover of the standing stones, and fortunately the IK fails to assault the distance.

SW 6, IG 7

Board overview, bottom of the 5th

SW Turn 6:
The LRC backs up next to the Plasma Chimera in the SW deployment zone and pivots to bring all weapons to bear. the skyclaws leave Ob #5 and approach to assault the contents.

The RP and GH's shuffle around to get within the IK deployment zone for linebreaker, be in cover and have max 2" separation.

The Landraider whiffs, leaving the skyclaws unable to do anything meaningful.

SW 6, IG 7

IG Turn 6
The IK again rolls poorly for move-through-cover and is now standing on the wreck of a chimera. The Plasma chimera moves up to get its flamer template over the top of the skyclaws.

The IK's battlecannon scatters and only 1 GH dies. The Chimera incinerates the skyclaws.
Again, the IK fails the assault move, and the RP and his Grey Hunters survive another turn.

SW 6, IG 7

Game ends, final score is SW 7 (line breaker) IG 8 (linebreaker).
The Ghost of Golgotha posing 

Like a new moon tide my wolves crashed upon the shores of the IG line, causing damage but eventually receding without lasting effect. This was no proper storm's fury, only a minor squall!! The Squats' discipline, fire and their new hulking ally matched the ferocity of the Wolves and held firm - all congratulations to my cunning stunty opponent, a fantastic and fun game that remained close!


  • Outflanking WL on TWC is pretty good. I don't usually field the named IC's as they are so so expensive, but Harald is not too bad.
  • Once my LR had dropped off the WGT's I should have used it to counter the IK with its multimelta and with blocking - I didn't and the IK just owned the centre and methodically wiped out my remaining units while the still mobile Chimera and vets focussed on Objectives largely unopposed
  • My list didn't really have enough to reliably threaten both an IK and 2 AV14 Leman Russes. 
  • The lack of long range heavy support limited my ability to target the chimeras which is important for this sort of objective game - their mobility and ability to shelter the vets is really valuable. I miss my ML Long Fangs!
  • The landspeeder and skyclaws were mostly ineffective. The skyclaws will likely be benched, and the missles removed from the LS to fit in either a predator or some long fangs.
  • The RP didn't really have much impact on the game. I think he might be benched, which is a big change as he has been a staple of my list through 5th and 6th Ed.

Overall, really liking 7th ed. We were looking up every single rule as we went as a learning exercise, but apart from that the game flowed really well. The new psychic phase wasn't massively complex and I like the need to "bet" how many warp charges you need to make the power going off.

The Maelstrom of War tactical objectives made the game so much more fun than the standard scenarios in 6th - I have very little interest in playing the Eternal War games for the next while.

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  1. Hey, opponent here! It was interesting how much the knight dominates the battle, including deployments and outflanking (let alone combat!). Making sure that an army can deal with a knight is just another thing to add to the list...