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Battle Rep: 3-sides Kill Team

My usual cunning opponent and I were joined for a game of Kill Team last month by our friend who had recently discovered his old eldar at the bottom of a pile of boxes and wanted a game. Sadly he left most at home except for his Striking Scorpions, and his list was fleshed out with some Rangers.

I brought my Orks and my cunning opponent put together an awesome looking Inquisitorial warband using some Necromunda and cultist figs.

Lots of text and pics behind the cut.

Ork List:
10 Ork Boys, w Nob w BigChoppa, w Big Shoota
5 Burna Boys, w Mek w KMB
1 DeffKopta, Da Red Menace

Eldar List:
6? Rangers
7? Striking Scorpions

Inquisition List:
Techpriest (Arco-flagellant) 15
Hive Bounty Hunter (Acolyte): flamer 14
Guard Psyker (Psyker) 10
Holy flamer (Acolyte): flamer 14
Jokaero Weaponsmith 35
Orlock Ganger (Acolyte): combi-melta 14
Noble Malefactor (Psyker) 10
Dancer (Death Cult Assassin) 15
Arbitor (Crusader) 15
Cawdor Redemptionist (Ministorum Priest): boltgun 26
Daemonhost 10
Gladiator (Arco-flagellant) 15

An abandoned mine is being secured by an Inquisition task force, due to the possible heretical xenos crystals found by the mining crew who have not been heard from since. Unfortunately a band of Orks is loitering in the vicinity and is up for a scrap with the 'umies. For some reason, the inscrutable Eldar appear - to observe the outcome to determine if a prophecy has been fulfilled, to take sides, to secure the crystals for the craftworld? No one knows, least of all the Eldar.

Each force has a 'home' objective in their deployment zone, and places one objective inside the central facility using the standard objective placement rules (eg not within 12" of another objective). Mission objective is to claim the most objectives.

Board Overview:
The central area was barricaded off to form a sort of compound, containing some LoS blocking terrain, and a crystal field. The compound borders were relatively LoS blocking, but had gaps - this meant it was difficult to sit back and snipe, but the forces had to make their way into the compound to claim the objectives. Around the edge of the table were put some buildings, ruins, trees and craters.

Board overview

 Inq deployment zone was NW corner. Eldar deploy on the SW corner (although infiltrated far forward, the scouts standing on top of some silos, the scorpions within the compound around the crystals). Orks deployed on the E side in an unruly horde.

Orks placed their objective on the Eastern edge of the compound, Eldar in the crystal field, Inq on the northern edge of the compound behind the LoS blocking terrain.

Orks win roll off to go first, then Inq, then Eldar.

Turn 1:
The orks sort of wandered west into the edge of the compound, claiming their objective, while some boys sauntered north to possibly harass da 'umies, and some split south to take out da fairies. Nervous of the snipers the Deffkopta popped out of cover and with uncanny accuracy nailed a sniper with a rokkit, ignoring his cover save. Eat rokkit you emo elf!
Deffkopta snipes the snipers

The inquisition moved forward, behind the horrible writhing floating figure of the daemonhost, meanwhile the jokaero flexed his fingers and took down another Eldar sniper with his lascannon digital weapons.

The Eldar snipers focused on the sniveling ork and mon-keigh barbarians and whiffed. Clearly they had used the origami bullets, not the actual ammo. The scorpions moved forward into the compound, claiming their objective and standing in full view of orks and Inquisition. Fashion is their armour, style their armour save!

Score: Orks: 2, Inq: 1, Eldar: 2

Turn 2:
Sensing weakness, the Orks grunted and hooted and pushed south and west. The Deffkopta whirred forward to lurk amount the smoke and craters and took out another sniper. A boy and burna boy moved out of cover to take down a scorpion, and the Big Shoota boy took down another eldar. The rest of the boys milled around their objectives, or continued to wander north through the trees. What are they doing, are they hungry?
Moar dakka!

Carnage amongst the Eldar

The Inquisition strike force moved forward and the Daemonhost steps between two barriers to unleash his psychic powers on those within. The jokaero continues to harass the eldar with his lascannon, killing another sniper.
Jokaero keeps Eldar heads down

So much for fashion.

Furious, as only ancient beings can be, the Eldar strike back. Rangers inside the compound on the ground focus on the daemonhost and the bullets kill the fragile host and banish the daemon within back to the warp. The striking scorpions use their shuriken pistols on the overconfident boys to the SE and kill a boy and burna boy.
Daemonhost down

Eldar shooting gallery

Score: Orks: 2, Inq: 1, Eldar: 2

Turn 3:
Da Red Menace hovers along the southern edge right behind the last sniper on the silo and blows him to smithereens. Buoyed by this success (and abnormally accurate shooting for an ork) a small band of boys rush north to claim the objective behind the LoS hill, and the forest hugging boys in the NE make their way behind the ruins in that corner to claim the 4+ cover save. Success, now where is lunch!?

Deffkopta clears out the Rangers

Boys seize northern objective

Boyz using cunnin'

A pair of Inquisition henchmen advancing down the western side pop through a gap in the barrier to flame the last remaining sniper into an artful haiku written in the snow in dust and soot. Another band of four henchmen step through the barrier in the north and clear out the orks from that objective with cleansing flame, claiming it for the Emperor.

Flamers clear out and secure northern objective

What do you call an angry Eldar? A Striking Scorpion! Abandoned by their sniper support, these aspect warriors take it upon themselves to show how the craftworld does it. The scorpions within the compound fade to the south (away from the flamers) and take down the Big Shoota ork and another burna boy in a hail of shurikens.

Scorpions strike back

For the honour of the craftworld and in memory of the fallen Rangers another scorpion rushes to engage the dastardly deffkopta in single combat, causing one wound but failing to slay the impertinent mold beast!
For the honour of the craftworld

Score: Orks: 2, Inq: 2, Eldar: 2

Turn 4:
A burna boy lumbers around the corner and flames and then attempts to engage the scorpions but dies in the assault. Init 2 + AV 6+ == *Argh, bleed, dies*.
Burna smacked down by scorpions
Meanwhile the Deffkopta absorbs everything the scorpion can throw at it and casually scythes the scorpion in two with a rotor-blade. No honour for the craftworld! Another boy moves up to contest the northern objective and shoots a henchman with his slugga. Take that humie. The boys in the NE corner take some pot shots at some 'umies, killing an death cultist.
No honour for the craftworld

The Inquisition mostly move about. Several henchmen (a psyker, a henchman and two deathcult assassins move East towards the boys huddling in the ruins. The henchmen near the northern objective split, a crusader and a tech priest guy moving south towards the center, and a flamer guy clears the lone boy back off the Northern objective.

Few Eldar remain and those that do go beserk. Their warlord, his loins girded by the poem he recites in his mind rushes east to take on the ork warlord (the Nob w a Bigchoppa), leaving another scorpion to claim that objective. Meanwhile the scorpion who has until now been holding the Eldar home objective sees his chance and charges the deffkopta. The eldar warlord sadly dies to a very surprised Nob who was cleaning his slugga when it went off in the eldar's face. Hey - there are Eldar close by!?
Overwatch to the face

The scorpion fighting the deffkopta does no damage. Clearly the warlock who ordered this mission (communicated via tea leaf and interpretive dance) had not taken into account the positioning of the stars with respect to this benighted planet!
Deffkopta must die!

Score: Orks: 2, Inq: 2, Eldar: 1

Turn 5:
In the north, the boys take out another assassin, which gives another boy a rush of blood and he attempts to assault the psyker - again we are reminded that poor initiative and armour save is a bad combination and he dies before getting to swing. The Ork Nob, now aware there are eldar here and keen to do some damage rushes into the center to assault the eldar on the objective. Overwatch goes both ways, mon-keigh! And the Nob dies to a shuriken in the face at point blank range.
Overwatch goes both ways mon-keigh

But in the south, Da Red Menace reaches down, grabs the scorpion by the throat and lifts him up into the koptas blades - Da Red Menace is invincible and the Eldar objective is just over there! Mwahahaha!
Deffkopta lives!

The Inquisition henchmen in the north shuffle about a bit, they cannot assault the orks there and can't seem to hit anything but trees. In the center the Crudader and techpriest assault the last scorpion on that objective. The techpriest is killed, but the crusader crushes the fragile skull of the eldar, and now no eldar remain to witness the fulfilment of the prophecy of the unleashing of some chaosy bad dude. Which means, if it happens without anyone of class and good taste present, does it really happen?
Last Eldar falls

The eldar corpses do nothing, although their clothing ruffles fashionably in the light spring breeze.

Score: Orks: 2, Inq: 3, Eldar: 0

Turn 6:
Da Red Menace whirs out of cover to claim the Eldar home objective, and turns the sights of Betty (his trusty twin-linked rokkit launcha) on the crusader in the centre. Whiffs.
Da Red Menace whiffs his shot at the central objective

The Jokaero brachiates forward into the compound and eyes the Deffkopta - the tech on display so crude. He selects lascannon from the dial on his wrist and the beam lances out hitting the kopta's stabiliser rotor, causing it to flip up and spin out of control somewhere to the south west off the board edge. A wet *crump* is heard and then an oily column of smoke rises above the trees. Did Da Red Menace eject, or go down in a ball of flame?
Rock! Scissors! Paper! Jokaero! Ork! Jokaero beats Ork

Final Score: Orks: 2, Inq: 3, Eldar: 0 - Inquisition Win!

The Inquisition claim the crystals that have a particular resonance with the warp currents - further investigation and experimentation will proceed - nothing could possibly go wrong...

Meanwhile, the remaining ork boys eventually get bored, argumentative, and pick fights with each other until one of them smells food coming from this mysterious crashed spaceship over there....

Far above in space, the warlock closes his Eye and opens his eyes.
"striking scorpions bleed out,
rangers cannot shoot, 
mon-keigh unleash Him"

*fade to wavy black lines*

That's not ominous at all, is it?

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