Friday, 2 September 2016

Wolves get some air support - Stormfang

The space wolf flyers were the new shiny to come out in the latest codex, and I wanted one.
Pixma - Waves

Much like my Skitarri were my 2015 birthday present to myself, the Stormfang was my 2015 Christmas present to myself with some bonus money. (This breaks my self-imposed rule of no new 40k purchases until I've finished painting the last one but - meh! I wanted the shiny and it was Christmas).

I went with the Stormfang Gunship option, rather than the Stormwolf flyer for several reasons:
(1) I don't lack for transports as I have rhinos and drop pods.
(2) What my SW do struggle with is cracking AV13+ targets, particularly Leman Russ tanks (with the HQ that grants preferred enemy and rerolls out the wazoo) and Imperial Knights. Currently this is covered by my own IK, but I don't want to take a Knight in my list aaaaallll the time.

I went with the twin-linked lascannon and the multi-melta sponsons - this thing's function is to come on and kill big nasty stuff so after investing the 220 points for the flyer itself I decided not to cheap out on the weapons. I did make the sponson weapon swappable with the skyhammer missles in case I did desperately need 20 points.

I decided to do something different for the base - I wanted to evoke the feel of a viking longboat so went with an ocean themed base with a V-wake and some icebergs.
I added a thousand sons head to the base because why not?
I also added a tentacly arm reaching out - the seas of Fenris are infested with the Kraken so I wanted to have the hint of some sort of gribbly danger lurking under the surface.

Usually on big projects like this I suffer a bit of a dip in motivation - particularly some of the Ork walkers as they have so so many details that all need doing. Like the IK, this flyer was just plain fun to assemble and paint.
I started painting with the pilot as its own subassembly, as the way the cockpit assembles you can't access the pilot once the plastic cover is on. On the clear plastic - this suffered a crisis when it dropped on the ground (thank you 3.5 yo daugher) and I failed to see it and stepped on it, crushing it. Ebay to the rescue.
Having painted the cockpit and pilot, I had to then basecoat black unassembled, and assembled the flyer after that.

The body itself took about 3 sessions across consecutive weekends - not too much detail on the body but some fun bits with OSL on the various runes.
Then the base to finish.
To date the Stormfang has not seen the battlefield, which means I expect it to either explode messily or just fail to arrive or do anything useful - que sera!

However, this does now mean I can possible field the Wolf Claw Strike Force detachment as now I can finally meet the Auxilliary requirement (I don't have an Iron Priest, any wulfen or 2 units of fenrisian wolves). I would likely go with the Ironwolves as I have all the required units and transports for that formation.

Finally some more Pixma pics - let me know in the comments which one is your favorite (don't forget the very first pic up the top of this post).
Pixma - Mosaic
Pixma - Electric
Pixma - Tears

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