Thursday, 22 September 2016

Oldschool Orks - Shokk Attack Gun & snotlings

I think the Shokk Attack Gun is one of the most iconic Ork weapons, and while I have never fielded one in my Kan Wall, I wanted one for my 2nd Ed army.
2nd Ed Ork Shokk Attack Gun and ammo

 I like the new plastic model, but I wanted to go with an old metal model. It has a 25mm base, which it turns out is slightly warped, so the already unstable model (center of mass anyone?) is more so. I may have to come back and rebase onto a 40mm base at some point.
2nd Ed Ork Shokk Attack Gun - front
In the 90's GW seems to have been obsessed with Orks poking their tongues out.
2nd Ed Ork Shokk Attack Gun - backplate
In 2nd ed, you need a Mek to field any vehicles (or a Dred!) and as I want a small Cult of Speed element, the Mek had to be from the Evil Sunz. The freehand on the backplate was fun.
2nd Ed Ork Shokk Attack Gun - right
I tried a different painting style on the weird power ball thingies on the S.A.G, rather than OSL, using a WD tutorial on painting an hourglass. It has come out much more muted than I hoped, so I may go back and OSL it to make it pop more.
2nd Ed Ork Shokk Attack Gun - snotling ammo front
In 2nd Ed, snotlings are supposed to be based in groups - I don't have enough snotling minis for that tho, so 25 mm bases it is.
2nd Ed Ork Shokk Attack Gun - snotling ammo back
These guys are fun and quick to paint - the samurai one with a katana (bottom right) is my favorite, with his scowly little samurai face.

Next week - my Weirdboy!

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