Thursday, 13 August 2015

I'm back! WGPL and GH special weapons done

Its been a bad 4 weeks, involving two trips to hospital for me, my daughter being home with one of those child hood viruses, and my dog passing away. Not fun, so not much blogging from me.
But I'm finally coming out the end of that bad patch, and have gotten some hobbying in for my space wolves.

In 5th ed, my WG were fielded with power fists & combi-meltas. In 6th ed, plasma replaced melta as king, and so my WG moved to combi-plasma and a power weapon of some kind for challenges. 
With 7th and the new codex I have been fielding MSU units of grey hunters and including basically a nekkid WGPL for the slight leadership buff, leaving points for other parts of the list. This guy is my 3rd WG with just a bolter and chainsword.
These three minis are old school metal bloodclaws I picked up on eBay, with arms & backpacks from the newer wolf pack bits.
I have also only had 2 melta marines and 2 plasma marines, and I usually field 3 units of GH's so here is a new melta hunter and plasma hunter.
These are the first SW marines I have painted using the newer GW paints - the Fang, Russ Grey and Fenrisian Grey. Overall I like the new paints - The Fang is a darker base colour, but I am enjoying not having to mix 50:50 shadow grey and space wolf grey, and the final fenrisian grey fine highlight feels a bit less bright.
I have also picked up some Lahmian Medium after reading a bit about it on Tale of Painters. OMG it is awesome. I often read on blog comments "you should thin your paints" (not comments on my blog, I don't get comments! :P) and using just water has not really felt right. This stuff is perfect, particularly for the gold & metallic paint. 
One niggle on the Plasma GH - the ornate shoulder pad on the right side of the plasma GH limits the fit of the backpack, so he looks a bit hunched, and when viewed from directly above there is a bit of a gap. Poo. I'm happy with the OSL for the plasma gun tho.
I am sure in keeping with tradition of our games the plasma GH will incinerate himself in his first game, and the melta GH will whiff a point blank shot into a Leman Russ before being downed in a hail of fire from plasma vets in their nice safe chimera :)
Next up - a test model for the Eldar swooping hawks.

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