Wednesday, 22 October 2014

WIP: moar paintings! Eldar update and some Morkanaut progress

The Kill Team game on Sunday must have been awesome, as more paint was added to figures in the last 2 days - woohoo!

First - here is an update of the Striking Scorpion test model:
40k WIP eldar scorpion wave your sword in the air like you just dont care

Face, eyes, jewels and gold bits done. First pass at the 'neon' highlighting of the weapons - overall I like it, although I'd like to get the colour brighter without being pinker. This is Warlock Purple, with some highlighting using a lighter shade, with final points of pure white picked out on the gems. Given the brightness of the yellow highlight, I think having alot of gold will be pretty garish.

Final verdict will of course be my friends, since the model is his :)

And voting is in for the MicroArt bases. Woo. More Eldar pics.
40k WIP eldar scorpion and his wingman
40 WIP scorpion - work those buns hun

And the Morkanaut is progressing - I have finished the pilot, made some good progress on the head, left arm, shoulder pads, and started on the right arm.
WIP ork autobots ..err morkanaut assemble!

WIP ork morkanaut 2 heads better dan wun

I have included the gunner on the back of the Kustom Mega Cannon - it is the sort of pants-on-head thing that I love about the Orks. Going to be fiddly to paint tho...
WIP ork morkanaut right arm

Will upload some pics of the Kill Team game on the weekend.

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